About us

Investment through careful matching of competencies and experience…


Anvil Capital Investments is an independent investments firm which seeks to realize significant capital appreciation by making controlling equity investments in companies engaged in manufacturing, transportation, and service industries.


Hands-onHands-on management

The management teams of our target companies will (temporarily) be enhanced by our people who have the knowledge and experience to establish the right conditions for future success.


strategicStrategic repositioning

In many cases an evaluation of the strategy is necessary to ensure a future chance of success. Anvil’s team has experience in a broad range of production and service industries. Our strategic specialists help to formulate the company’s key strenghts and build from there.



The external view often gives a fresh start to the company’s creative process. Together with management Anvil boosts the company’s creativity to trigger innovation and efficiency.


buildingBuy and build

Anvil aims at building, using a company’s competitive edge. Often the opportunities lie in recreating the game and redefining the game’s parameters.



resultsResults through commitment

The Anvil team and its partners are fully committed to realize the set goals and objectives. Shareholder value is our focus throughout the process, but success can only be obtained through an optimal mix of the company’s productivity and efficiency and the commitment of the people working for it. Together we make it work.