Investment focus

Anvil Capital invests in small and medium sized companies with a turnover between €10 and 100 MM. Market characteristics are stability, growth and sufficient volumes.
Anvil has its home-base in the Benelux and therefore focuses on business in this area.

investment-focusAnvil specializes in distress companies which require direct and hands-on attention. In many cases this means executing a full fledged turnaround.

Anvil Capital will generally make equity investments of between €1 and 5 million in companies with revenues of between €1 million and 100 million. Under circumstances in cooperation with with larger co-investors larger deals can be done. Anvil Capital likes a challenge, including distressed situations and businesses which need major changes to improve their underlying strength and value.

Anvil Capital works closely with management and becomes hands-on involved with all aspects of a business.