Investment process

Every successful investment starts with a good deal and ends with one. In between Anvil’s value enhancement program will assure the ultimate result. This can be in the form of a re-organization of parts of the company to a complete turnaround. This first step will lay the ground work for the company’s success in the future. As pre-conditions for success we further considerEnergy

  • Inspired and competent management team
  • Defendable market position / growing market
  • Sound financial basis





Primary goal of the Anvil transition team will be to establish these pre-conditions and to build the company either autonomously or by acquiring add-ons which yield considerable synergy.


Value enhancement program …

The realization of a company’s improvement potential starts with careful analysis of the potential itself. Usually Anvil will perform a scan to establish the status quo. Based on the results a detailed plan will be drawn up which describes the actions and timing of the project activities.



A typical acquisition process will take somewhere between 2 and 6 months. The duration of the value enhancement phase is strongly dependent on the company’s size and situation. The resolution of the distress situation will normally take between 6 and 12 months.