Anvil Capital’s added value

The Anvil team comprises all necessary competencies to successfully execute and lead investments. The team knows one-another for many years and has extensive hands-on experience in all necessary disciplines. Anvil requires entrepreneurial aspirations of each of its team members. Thus Anvil is capable of giving the necessary support in a variety of different circumstances allowing investment companies to grow and become profitable.

shake-handsOperational excellence
means being best in class.
as a means to plan ahead and know where to go
LegalLegal issues
The Anvil team has its in-house legal council.
HRHuman Resources
People form the heart of the business.


Financial expertise is key for the dealmaking process as well as for hands-on managing the investments
Smart-SourcingSmart Sourcing
Use sourcing experience to bring companies to the next level.




Only by combining forces a team can deliver a perfect performance. This is true for the Anvil team, but also applies to the management team and employees of Anvil’s investment companies. Anvil becomes part of those teams and plays the role which is required to get the highest results possible. We contribute a unique mix of hands-on operational know-how, sector specialization and investment experience, unlike most other private equity firms. The team is able to react swiftly, decisively and creatively to new opportunities as they arise.